We care about your business and the people in it. We don’t like seeing people frustrated in their work and organisations struggling in the market because of inefficient business processes.

“Dror Aviv demonstrates an excellent professional understanding of the client and his needs and delivers practical and simple business solutions without reinventing the wheel. The results were impressive and in terms of the improvements to our business, quite frankly overwhelming – in a very good way!”

Avihai Razvag, Head of accounting, taxation, reporting and Control Department at Israeli Post

Our business transformation model helps organisations optimise their business processes. Put simply we help you to do more, in less time.

When we solve a problem we actually help the people that are connected to those particular business processes feel and perform better.

Our customers are businesses with several systems: ERP, CRM, Operational or Engineering Systems and more. The more systems, the more procedures and the more interfaces a business has, the more risk-prone it is.

We work across many industries:

  • financial institutions
  • banking
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • commerce
  • agriculture
  • academic institutions
  • health management organisations
  • hospitals
  • municipalities and governments

But, most of all, our ultimate goal is to make the people managing the business processes feel empowered and thus make room for innovation in your organisation.

These are some of our most recent business transformation examples. These give you a glimpse of the way we manage the business processes and what our key clients have to say about us.

Case Study 1: The Israel Post

Israeli Post Company is responsible for deliveries in Israel and also offering financial services through the postal bank.

We have implemented several projects with them.

The first was a business transformation from a postal authority into a governmental company, which included implementation of VAT in their business systems (including the postal bank systems), changing procedures, agreements with suppliers and more.

The second was implementing SAP in the postal bank. This included changing procedures, mapping the dozens of interfaces with other systems, designing managerial and report controlling, to mention a few.

The third project was about improving functions and procedures within the finance department, which included mapping functions and designing new business processes.

Case Study 2: University Of Ariel

The University of Ariel was founded in 1982 and is one of the most prestigious universities in Israel. It is home to over 14,000 students.

This project was about transforming almost every financial process whether manual or computerised, in order to make them failsafe.

This was achieved by embedding controls to prevent loss of resources and embezzlements.

This is one of those business transformation examples that included not only Business Process Reengineering but also augmenting employees’ awareness to the inherent risks in their works and how to tackle them.

This resulted in a thorough change in the way finance department delivered its services. The university became an institute where its procedures are documented and updated on a timely manner; all activities are controlled and validated, every exception or flaw is reported.

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