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What Active Investors Should Check in order to Increase their ROI?

An active investor is one who is participating in the day to day management of the business he is investing in. The goal of the active investor is to improve the business in order to increase the ROI when he sells the business.   Prior to investing in a business, the active investor already has […]


The Concept of One Process

Published on 11 August, 2018

How One Process perceives a successful business transformation? The concept of One Process is that a real and successful business transformation means viewing and handling the three pillars: (1) operations, (2) finance and (3) information technology as one unit and not as three different compartments. These are the three main pillars, which businesses are based […]


7 Steps Needed for a Successful Business Transformation – Case Study for Banks

// Published on 6 July, 2018

Being able to stay agile, flexible and efficient is key to a successful business transformation in any industry. For banking and finance, running a tight ship helps to maximize both performance and profit. Adapting to rapid changes in the marketplace can be challenging when you are operating at scale. Over the last 30 years, I’ve […]


Transforming businesses from Israel to London

/// Published on 18 May, 2018

Dror Aviv is a respected business transformation consultant from Israel, who spend the last 30 years transforming businesses across industries & brands. In this article, he explains what motivated his choice to move his own business to London and how he can help London based business have a successful business transformation.