Dror Aviv is a business transformation consultant with over 30 years of expertise, both as a practitioner and a lecturer.

His unique “One Process” business transformation model helps businesses across a range of industries grow their profits and their market share, adapt to change and reach new commercial horizons.

“Being a business transformation consultant in 2018 is an uplifting experience. Delving into the root of business processes and understanding the inner core of things to find a simple one-process solution, expands my mind and keeps me on a learning edge.”

Dror Aviv

Nowadays businesses are based on three main business processes that are pillars of the business itself: Operations, Finance and Information Technology.

Each pillar is very complicated and has its own language and methodologies and each is advancing at a different pace. For the success of a business, or an investment in a business, those three business processes must be well synchronised. If these are not well synchronised, and therefore are “unstable” than the whole business will wobble.

Not all the operational processes add value to the business. They also don’t always speak clearly to one another. Information technology does not always support the operational processes or accurately report on the outcomes of those business processes or accounting processes.

This leads to a waste of resources, leak of money and even insolvency. Moreover, this lack of synchronisation is subtle and hidden. When it is revealed, in many cases it is too late.

We offer a holistic experience of business transformation. We explore the complexities of your business processes and reveal the core issues to be resolved. In the end, we deliver an optimised solution to tricky systemic problems.

We remember that people make the business work. So we create a symbiotic relationship between business processes and people, which in turn improves your profits, protects their resources and mitigates their risks.

Generally, experts handle business processes within one pillar alone: Operations, Finance or Information Technology. In other words, they use a discreet approach.

We handle the complexity of all three pillars and their interconnections in order to achieve the best transformation in business.

Our unique method is based on Dror Aviv’s 30 years experience as a business transformation consultant.

We do this by building strong bridges between Operations, Finance and Information Technology so these key pillars of business success can work elegantly together.

This is our vision for the organisation of the future – all key business processes are seen as “One Process” that gives unity, stability and the power to harness growth and innovation.

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